5 Ways to Use Video Marketing for Medical Practices

Posted by HomeRun Creative on Mar 26, 2015 6:30:00 AM

Medical Practice Marketing

Medical practice marketing ideas have taken an exciting turn and are changing at lightening speed. Gone are the days of monotone voiced statistics and stock photos featuring saccharine smiles.  Today’s marketing is interactive, relatable, and attention grabbing. Video marketing for medical practices has quickly taken the lead in this trend. 

A well-produced, high quality marketing video provides an avenue for you to connect with people on an emotional level and begin to earn their trust. Patients will learn about your medical practice in a pressure-free environment. They will feel more confident in their decision to choose your practice.   

Here are a few ways to use video to market your medical practice:

Welcome New Patients 

You can use video to help you attract new patients. A short five-minute video that speaks directly to new (or perspective) patients can create a personal feel and help the patient connect on an emotional level.

Meet the Doctor(s) 

Give patients the opportunity to connect with the doctor(s) on a personal level. Share your story and tell us about why you decided to work in the medical field. Talk about your passions and maybe share a few personal anecdotes. Patients will feel more at ease when they view you as a person. 

Patient Testimonial

Select a few particularly satisfied patients to share their experience.  A video like this adds credibility to your practice when someone sings your praises and tells the world how you impacted their life for the better. 

An Office Tour 

Show off your beautiful office and attract new patients. Give a tour through the patient access areas and maybe add a few ‘behind the scenes’ (such as the staff break room) shots just for fun.  It’s best to have some people in the shots to create a homey, energetic feel. 


Showing off your specialties in a video like this can ease patients’ fears. Tastefully feature some of the procedure your office routinely provides.  Answer some of the most frequently asked questions. 


Video ads for medical practices can be utilized in a number of ways including your website, social media, emails, and in many other forms of digital marketing. While it’s tempting to consider attempting to produce videos on your own, it’s best to work with a professional agency because they will have the best equipment, lighting, and expertise in producing the proper formats. 

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