Digital Advertising for Law Firms: Pros and Cons

Posted by HomeRun Creative on Mar 27, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Digital advertising for law firms.

Digital advertising is one of the fastest growing marketing trends for law firms.  You’ve likely heard the buzz and might be wondering what’s it all about. Digital advertising refers to marketing that is digitally displayed. There are many channels for this type of advertising and technology increases the options all the time. Currently, digital advertising is most likely seen on the Internet, smart phones, electronic billboards, and on hand-held devices. 




Cost Effective

Digital advertising gives you more options than ever before. You’re no longer locked into a rate card for a TV station or newspaper. For far less money you can reach your target audience in a more efficient manner. 

Your Audience

Research shows that 80% of people research online while making buying decisions or selecting professionals to trust. For that reason, it’s more important than ever that you have a strong presence online.  Go where they are!


Carefully define your target customer and consider where they spend their time.  Which websites, events, or community activities are they most likely to take part in? You can now specifically target those areas rather than simply placing an ad and crossing your fingers that they might see it.


The common belief has always been that half of your marketing dollars are wasted; you just don’t know which half. Thankfully, digital marketing makes this no longer true.  You will have access to analytics to gauge how well your advertising worked. You’ll know how many people viewed it, how many clicked on it (if appropriate), and how many contacted you through the ad. Having these facts will help you to make future decisions about placement and timing. 

Simultaneous Campaigns

With digital advertising you often have the opportunity to load several ads and bundle them together into one media buy. For example, you might be advertising for elder care clients and also for accident victims. Those two messages will be shaped very differently. You’ll no longer have to select between two or three ads and hope for the best.  Use them all and you’ll have the added benefit of testing for results.

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Slow Adopters

Everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to technology. While some will stand in line overnight to get the newest iPhone, others resist moving beyond a flip phone.  Some people have no interest in social media. You risk not reaching this group when you rely fully on digital advertising.


Webpages are full of competing images and messages. It’s challenging to create an ad that will stand out and attract the full attention of your potential customer.  For this reason, it’s important to work with a skilled graphic designer. 

Learning Curve

Having access to the analytics can be overwhelming if you are not trained in how to interpret the charts and numbers. To fully make use of this valuable information it’s best to work with a professional. Don’t try to wing it or you could find yourself making costly mistakes. 


Digital advertising for law firms is the contemporary trend. Most of the larger agencies have jumped onboard and are already making their mark. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join in but it does mean that time is not on your side. You need to get started and make sure you are making wise decisions about placement.  Again, working with a professional can greatly assist in meeting your marketing goals. 


Creating effective digital ads is a skillset that not all graphic designers have. It requires a level of training that wasn’t taught in colleges until the past decade. When you are hiring a graphic designer, be sure this person has experience and knowledge of digital advertising. 

Consider these pros and cons when you are putting together your marketing budget for the coming year. It’s probably not wise to invest all of your dollars into digital but it’s an even worse idea to not invest any at all. 


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