How to Build a Medical Practice: 5 Keys to Success

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Medical professionals spend years in school and many hours training. It feels a bit unfair that at the end of that journey they must also learn how to build a medical practice, be an entrepreneur, and a marketing expert. However, the medical field is a business. Attracting new patients and retaining the current ones is an important key to building a successful medical practice.

  1. You are the Face of Your Practice

  2. Build a Referral Base

  3. Create a Differentiator

  4. Build a Strong Web Presence

  5. Develop a Medical Marketing Plan


how to build a medical practice

You are the Face of Your Practice

People like to do business with those whom they trust and like. They need to get to know your face and gain a sense of who you are before they will trust their health to your practice.  In the early days of building your practice you should attend health fairs, seminars, and other places where you will have an opportunity to interact with people.  Shake hands, hand out brochures, and smile.  

Build a Referral Base

Maintain good relations with local hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes, and other medical professionals. Visit their locations and learn as much as you can about what your community has to offer.  As you gain an understanding of the healthcare landscape, promote yourself as a resource.  At the same time, begin to build a catalogue of places where you can refer patients.  You’ll gain a lot of respect in the community when patients come with a referral form that bears your name. 


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Create a Differentiator

There are a lot of medical practices to choose from.  What makes yours different?  Think from a patient’s point of view.  Why would they select your practice over someone else?  There are many angles to take.  Here are just a few suggestions:

  • An inviting waiting room with coffee and a television displaying interesting programming
  • Medical forms emailed ahead of time so the patient can fill them out at home
  • Guaranteed wait times
  • Offer to call or text if scheduling is running behind by more than thirty minutes
Make sure your perspective patients receive the message and then let word of mouth do the rest.  Happy patients tell other people about their experiences.

Build a Strong Web Presence

A solid website is essential for building a thriving medical practice.  Studies show that 80% of us use the internet to research our buying choices.  It’s very likely that a potential new patient will look at your website before calling to schedule an appointment.  Your site should be a valuable tool that not only markets your practice but provides patients with information and forms. 

Work with a company that specializes in creating websites for medical practices.  Too many make the mistake of allowing a friend or family member to create their website.  They might come up with a site that is acceptable, but it is usually far less than what it could be.  Hire a professional for this important piece of your marketing plan. 

Develop a Medical Marketing Plan

Speaking of Marketing Plans, you need one.  Period.  Failing to develop a good plan will cost you a lot in the long run.  It’s not just money that is at risk, it’s much more.  You will miss opportunities.  You’ll risk having your public image shaped poorly and not accurately reflecting your practice.  You’ll likely spend more on advertising than you should and not receive the return on investment that you hope for.  Don’t make that mistake.

It you have no idea how to shape a Marketing Plan, then consider hiring a reputable Healthcare Marketing Agency.  This team can guide you with naming your practice, developing a logo and taglines.  They will also give you valuable assistance with media buys and the proper channels to distribute your message in the most cost-effective way. 

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