Marketing for Doctors: A Formula for Success

Posted by HomeRun Creative on Apr 24, 2015 7:00:00 PM


Most doctors never considered they’d need a course in medical marketing along with all their other medical school requirements.  Competition is stiff today and to be successful, doctors are realizing they need to embrace marketing. While you don’t have to become an expert, there are a few essential tips that should put you on the right track.


Reputation is (Almost) Everything

While you begin to grow your patient base, it is imperative that you maintain complete and detailed online profiles. List your credentials, specialties, certifications and any awards or volunteer service. Be sure to engage with any reviews or comments in a timely and respectful manner.   

Keep it Personal

Most doctors know to send out postcards reminding people to get their yearly physical.  Patients expect this and probably don’t pay much attention.  Take this concept a step further. Develop a plan early on to send out birthday and holiday cards to your patients.

Open House

Once every few months, hold an open house in your office.  Serve refreshments, and have something to draw them in.  You don’t have to focus on anything medical for these events. Perhaps you could get a local sports player to sign autographs.  Some city zoos will do an onsite visit with animals.  Think of something creative and family friendly.  Be sure to send out press releases to the news stations.

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Seek Feedback

Your patients want to know that you are listening and you care about their experience.  Survey them both in writing and verbally.  Make it easy for them to voice concerns and, hopefully, offer praise.  When a patient has an unhappy experience, be sure to follow up with them.  It’s important that they feel heard.  If possible, offer something to remedy the situation. 

Position Yourself

Send press releases about your office at least once per month. Look for opportunities to talk with reporters and to position yourself as a community health care expert.  The next time there is some type of health concern in your area, the reporter might seek you out for a comment because they are already familiar with you and with your practice. 

Marketing for doctors is an ongoing task that will change as your practice grows.  It’s not something you should ever abandon.  If you feel like you are too busy to take on the task yourself, or you’ve grown to the point that you no longer want the responsibility, consider hiring a Medical Marketing Firm.  Homerun Creative is an advertising agency in Buffalo, NY that has vast experience marketing for medical practices.  We can provide services both locally and nationally. 

Please contact us if you would like our assistance as your grow your medical practice.

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