Mobile Advertising for Medical Practices: Don't Get Left Behind

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Medical practices face the same struggles as every business. Among those challenges are marketing. What’s the best way to share the message about your practice? There are many answers to that question and a myriad of possibilities. 

80% of Website Visitors Will Watch a Video, While Only 20% Will Actually Read Content in its Entirety

One of the most current trends is mobile advertising for medical practices. This type of interactive marketing has many applications and usually involves interactions with a handheld device, smart phone, or mobile computer. There’s no better way to reach very busy, on-the-go people.

Medical practices are reporting a steady increase in traffic from mobile phones and tablets. Predictions are that this trend will continue to upswing and eventually surpass desktop computer visits.

Mobile Site

Your website must be ‘mobile ready’ so that it will properly display and respond on a variety of devices.  If your site is more than three years old, it’s unlikely that it’s mobile ready. Test this by visiting your site from a few devices. How does it look? You don’t simply want a minimized version of your entire site or it will be difficult (maybe impossible) to read.  Spend some time navigating and test its responsiveness. Are links easy to click?  Is information easy to locate? Ask yourself honestly, if you were a new visitor to the site, would you want to stay and read? If you discover that your site needs updates, hire a competent professional to take care of it for you. 

Appointment Setting and Confirmation

Medical practices can now offer appointment setting online and can confirm appointments through text messages.  This saves time (and money) for the practice as well as making it much more convenient for the patient who might want to change their appointment after hours. 

Banner Ads

Banner ads can be purchased on websites and even on some mobile applications.  With more people searching for information on their phones it’s smart to purchase banner ads on sites they might visit. These ads can be targeted by location so that only the people within a certain distance will see them. 

Viral Videos

Videos increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74%. In the last few years there’s been an increase in video ads for medical practices. A short but educational video has the potential to go viral, meaning people like it and share it with friends. Hire a reputable production company to help you with the concept and the production.

Social Media

Interaction is very important in today’s marketing. People like to feel connected on an emotional level, especially with their medical providers. People engage on their mobile phones and if they see an interesting post or tweet from your practice they might respond or even share it with their friends.

It’s best to embrace the trend of mobile advertising for medical practices because it’s only going to increase with the continuing evolution of technology. Don’t get left behind or find yourself scurrying to catch up. Now is the time to talk with an experienced marketing agency and create your mobile marketing plan. 

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